Get Paid As You Drive Around

Get Paid As You Drive Around

Ride sharing services and package delivery services has seen a significant growth in the past few years. With the rising cost of living, many people are looking more into earning extra income through side hustles on top of their fulltime jobs. Another rising form of earning a side income is by advertising products or services on cars. This is called car wrap advertising, where drivers can sign up to have advertisements on their car, turning them into mobile billboards to increase brand awareness for the advertised businesses. This kind of advertising reaches consumers that traditional form of advertising cannot reach. Moreover, this allows for drivers to earn additional income stream as they drive around as they normally would on the daily.

Here at Marketing On Wheels, we match drivers with businesses that are suited for their brands’ campaigns, depending on the location of the business and where the drivers normally drive around. We then pay the drivers a monthly fee according to the amount of distance driven which will be tracked by the Marketing On Wheels mobile application. Drivers can earn up to $600 per month by simply advertising a business’ products and services on their car.

This is an effective form of advertising for businesses as it reaches those people that online marketing cannot. It is also an effortless method of earning money for drivers and is even more beneficial to those who already work as a ride-sharing driver (i.e. Uber, DiDi and/or Olacabs) as they can earn additional income for the amount of hours and distance they have driven. Moreover, we use vinyl car wraps to display the businesses’ graphics on your car. These vinyl wraps help protect your vehicle’s paint from scratches, small dents and the normal wear and tear. It is also easily installed and removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint and keeps the car in a good condition for when owners need to trade or sell them. We, at Marketing On Wheels, ensures that the car wraps are made of high-quality vinyl and we help the businesses create eye-catching messages in stunning and vibrant colours. This advertising method will ensure that the business is advertised 24/7, on the road or carparks. Drivers can help even small businesses build brand awareness as they drive around as they normally would—be it to go to the gym, work or to do school drop-offs.

The process of registering to be a Marketing On Wheels driver is simple. However, since we will be installing a vinyl car wrap, we will require drivers to have their own cars. If you own a vehicle, register to become one of our drivers by downloading the Marketing On Wheels app on App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions to make your own MOW account. You can choose whether you want a partial car wrap or a full car wrap. Depending on the size of your car, we will measure the amount of space that needs to be covered. We will then match you with a brand, depending on your location in accordance to the advertising business’ requirements. You’ll receive an alert on your mobile app or through email and SMS if we think you suit a campaign. When installing the graphics on your car, it is important to prepare your car and make sure it is clean of all waxes, dirt and oil before coming. This will take about 4 hours, depending on the size of your car and the graphics to be installed.

If you want to start reaping the benefits of being a Marketing On Wheels driver, contact us today to discuss your suitability.


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