How Effective Is Vehicle Advertising?

How Effective Is Vehicle Advertising?

Vehicle wrap advertising is a type of print media advertising where vehicles are wrapped partially or fully with vinyl or print vinyl of businesses’ information and/or images, acting as a moving billboard to advertise the businesses. It is a cost-effective type of advertising that generates 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions depending on the city or location. Many businesses invest in outdoor mobile advertising as it allows them flexibility in positioning their ads anywhere.  Although digital media marketing is what most businesses opt to use nowadays as it is inexpensive and has far greater reach, outdoor advertising is still proven effective for businesses with a physical presence. Most people travel via car as either a passenger or a driver which then gives vehicle ads more chances of getting noticed even especially during a traffic jam or when strategically parked in an area that allows exposure to the public. This type of advertising then yields to immediate results for advertisers as 30% of customers base their purchase decisions on the ads they see outdoors.

Just think about all the ads on buses you see during the early commute or during your drive to and from work. Mobile advertising media reaches consumers that are not exposed to other types of print media ads, digital media or mass media advertisements. It also reaches a broad range of audience for a lower CPM compared to other forms of advertising. This increases the advertiser’s chances of reaching their target demographic. Businesses that utilise vehicle ads attract local customers as people are more inclined to visit stores that are within their local area. With the right message and appealing graphics, vehicle ads are eye-catching which makes it an effective tool in building brand awareness. This solves the issue of the lack of ad space for businesses and having to continuously pay high rents for in-demand media spaces.

At Marketing On Wheels, we turn private and/or ride-sharing vehicles into mobile billboards for businesses and organisations. We know the importance of advertising and the value it adds to businesses, so we provide a platform where businesses can advertise their products and services without having to pay a high cost unlike other forms of advertising. We hire vehicle owners around the area of the business who are willing to have their cars wrapped in vinyl graphics. MOW drivers can then advertise your business as they drive around the area—whether to go to the gym, to and from work or to do grocery shopping—and give your business constant exposure on the road or even when parked. And since we know that these vehicles will then be a representative of your business, we do a thorough screening process in choosing the drivers and vehicles to attach car wrap ads on. It’s a fairly quick process so you can focus on your business while getting exposure 24/7.

If you own a business and want to build brand awareness at a low cost, contact us today!


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