Is Print Advertising Still Relevant?

Is Print Advertising Still Relevant?

There are many types of marketing but with the rapid growth of technology, marketing efforts of many businesses have shifted more towards digital media. Digital media marketing is any paid or unpaid advertising delivered through online channels such as social media platforms, mobile apps, e-mail, search engines and websites. Internet marketing is now preferred by many because of how accessible it is and how fast it reaches current and prospective customers. This raises the question of whether other forms of marketing are still relevant to this day and age of digital media.

What is Print Media Advertising?

Print media advertising is a form of
advertising that uses physically printed media to reach customers. This
includes billboards, magazines, newspapers, posters, brochures and direct mail.

Although Facebook and Google ads
generate more revenue than any other traditional marketing methods, print media
advertising is still valuable to businesses especially to those with physical
customer presence. Print is a target-specific medium and is
important in reaching customers such as senior citizens who are more inclined
to read newspapers or direct mail rather than scrolling through the internet
which will require them to first know how to use. Moreover, print advertising
complements and encourages digital interactions with businesses’ target
audience. Unfortunately, due to printing and distribution costs of print ads,
many organisations opt to spend their funds on digital marketing instead due to
it’s cost-effectiveness and far greater reach.

However, print ads give the brands
an opportunity to be distinctive above the digital noise. Millennials are more responsive to print media’s
as it is something that can be smelled and touched,
stimulating the recipient’s brain to absorb the message and remember the brand.
This aids in developing a more positive brand association, unlike emails that
are most usually ignored and ads that are scrolled over due to the overwhelming
amount of digital content that is being produced every day. Recipients of print
ads are also more likely to retain information than those who surf online
due to the fact that people tend to have shorter attention span when scrolling
through the internet. People tend to concentrate more and are more receptive to
printed materials as there is less distraction, allowing the reader to absorb
the message of the ad.

Print marketing is still very
relevant as having a multi-channel marketing strategy can encourage
interactions with customers as businesses build their brand. A multi-channel
marketing approach can reach potential customers online and offline. People who
do not use social media on a regular basis may not see a business’ online
campaigns but will notice a billboard or a magazine. Another good example of an
effective print advertisement is vehicle advertising. This type of advertising
attracts local customers to a local business.

Vehicle advertising or vehicle wrap advertising is a
cost-effective way of building brand awareness by partially or fully wrapping a
vehicle with vinyl or print vinyl of a business’ images, logo and or other
information. The vehicle then acts as the company’s moving billboard,
generating an impression of up to 30,000 in a day. This makes vehicle wrap
advertising one of the most cost-effective ways for marketing a product or
service by a business. Moreover, it effectively targets the local market as
drivers with car wrapped vehicles drive around the vicinity of the business’
location. It is a non-aggressive form of advertising but is attention-grabbing
as it generates more attention than a static billboard. In addition, it
protects the vehicles’ paint job and does not cause damage when removed. These
reasons make vehicle advertising a unique form or advertising and a good
investment for businesses.

At Marketing on Wheels, we
understand that building brand awareness for your business is essential in
attracting more customers. We work with the business in through the process of
printing vinyl wraps and hiring drivers who are willing to have their car
wrapped to act as the moving billboards of the business.

If you need assistance with creating an effective vehicle advertisement, why not get in touch with us today? Our team is ready to help you build brand awareness so you can generate more profit for your business.


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