Millennial: Misunderstood Generation

The millennial generation is the generation of creating whatever they need in the world, and working for causes which have social benefits. From causes that impact the environment, and other causes that help to build a better place everyone.

The older generation label this the entitled generation. The reason for this could be through all the participation trophies they received and didn’t have to work hard to get. However, if you ask millennials about this opinion, most of them might respond differently to what is said about them.  Some of the comments could be along these line “We don’t believe we are entitled to anything but we are willing to work hard and create what is right for the world.”

One might also call this generation the working generation. This is because the vast majority of them work multiple jobs either bartending or other jobs that are like temporary contracting jobs, which is connected to the gig economy. One job to pay the bills and another job for socialising. This is because of life and other expense increasing but the job creation slowing. Millennial are doing this to pay for life’s essentials from rent, phone bills, education loans and so.

It is hard for this generation as you have older generation creating policy. This is a generation who have past their expiration date, but want to still fit in. And this is good thing which the millennial can use the experience of the past generation to make things better for the current and future generation.

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