Technology is changing

Technology is changing

Technology is changing the way people’s behaviour and do business, it is also changing the way people are entertained and interact with each other.

Gone are the days where we talked on the phone, where we use the traditional landline and sent letters by post. As time and technology advances so do some of the props we use to live. Some Western society are forgoing landline telephone for personal and business purposes. This because mobile is brings a greater advantage and it’s cheaper too.

The technology revolution has changed business operation in the last decade. This is from a Brick and Mortar store setting to online. And this is achieved by diverse customer segments, with the rise of the digital generation that caused the shift. The technology changes in the mid-90s who use it to their advantage were Amazon and eBay. They changed the retailing experience and way to perform certain business activities. All their transaction was conducted through the internet, now fast forward 20 years. Retailers can see most consumers perform their shopping online, and for modern businesses to survive in this environment and attract the digital generation, retailers’ need an online present from E-commerce stores to a simple website having helpful information.

a simple website to E-commerce stores

Today technology is used for anything we do as individuals and societies. This from knowing what the weather is going to be like in a couple of days in the future. To performing banking and travelling, either on the ground or in the air. This is done through Apps and through web service such as their websites. Technology is also monitoring our health from checking our heart beat to telling us if we are getting enough steps to live healthy lives. So the future of business is changing and belongs to technology companies or businesses who use technology to speed up the processes, and make it easier for the end user to perform their task too. 

This is where companies like Marketing on Wheels comes in, where we are making it easier for advertiser to advertise their brands products or services on every day vehicles. And changing the way people view private vehicles and showing it is not just for transportation purposes. And technology is a big part of this company. Everything being done on the web, to the App that tracks the drivers’ kilometres and later processing payments too. This is all possible due to technology changes in recent years.



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